Graduate Students

Home Town: Jiangxi, China

College: University of Science and Technology of China

Degree: B.S. Materials Chemistry, 2010

Project: Size Dependent Dynamics of Pd/TiO2 Systems


About me: I'm from a small city in China and now enjoy life here in Long Island. During my spare time I like to play video and card games with my friends. I also like cooking even though I do not cook that well. Every time I learn and discover something new, I always feel quite satisfied. I enjoy the joy from every little progress I made. And in my weekends, I always go out for hiking and sightseeing.

Home Town: Shandong, China

College: Nankai University and Tianjin University

Degrees: B.S Chemistry, 2012

               B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2012

Project: DFT Studies on Metal Surfaces


About me: I do things with my computer at work. I do things with my computer after work. Whenever I'm heading somewhere, I have my computer in my backpack. I'm just a little bit of a geek.

Amanda Muraca.png

Home Town: Miller Place, NY

College: William Patterson University

Degree: B.S. Chemistry, 2013

Project: Ultrafast Dynamics on Titanium Dioxide


About me: I grew up on Long Island. When I am not in the laboratory or in the classroom, I enjoy going to the beach and living an active lifestyle.


Home Town: Quito, Ecuador

College: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador

Degree(s): B.S. Chemistry, 2011. M.S. Chemistry, 2015: Stony Brook University

Project: CO Hydrogenation to Ethanol: Catalytic Activity and Structure


About me: Hola! I am from the small but highly biodiverse country of Ecuador.  Things I love besides chemistry include:  animals, dancing, walking, tennis, cooking and baking. I enjoy both nature and exploring the city. 

Home Town: Zhejiang, China

College: Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Degree: B.S. Chemistry, 2013

Project: Size Selected Nanoclusters


About me: I like tennis and I used to play a lot. Never won one game with my friends. But that doesn't bother me.



Home Town: Ronkonkoma, NY

College: Long Island University

Degree(s): B.A. Chemistry, 2014. B.S. Forensic Science, 2014


About me: I have lived on Long Island my entire life. In my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors (camping, hiking and grizzly bear wrestling) allowing me to put my skills as an eagle scout to good use. I've always thought being popular on social media is as about as useful as being rich in monopoly. Lastly, I prefer my puns intended.


Home Town: Baltimore/Cincinnati

College: Lawrence University

Degree: B.A. Chemistry, 2011

Project: Near Ambient Pressure STM Imaging


About Me: I'm an American nomad, currently in a New York chapter of life. When I am not in the lab, I like to swim and spend time outdoors and with friends. Passions include music, cooking and exploring all that NYC has to offer. 


Rui Shi

Home Town: Urumqi, China

College: East China University of Science and Technology

Degree: B.E. Fine Chemicals, 2016

Project:CO Hydrogenation to Ethanol: Catalytic Activity and Structure


About Me: I enjoy crabbing recently. I have 2 cages and 2 nets so far. I worked on solar cells in college and now I’m working on catalysts (I really enjoy doing things that need my hands on)



Yilin Ma

Home Town: Shaanxi, China

College: Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Degrees: B.E. Material Science and Engineering, 2016

Project: Size Selected Nanoclusters


About me: I like meat but never tried turkey and lobster before I came to Long Island! I enjoy painting and swimming in my spare time. During my undergrad years, I used to volunteer on my weekends with children of less fortunate families. This is the only one thing which I put my four years of college life into. I am passionate about the education of every child as it may be the only chance for them to change their whole life.

Jason Wang.jpg

Jason Wang

Home Town: Shandong, China

College: University of Science and Technology of China

Degrees: B.S. Chemistry, 2017



About me: I enjoy the struggle for a project till meets its end, just relaxing at home, and spending some time cooking.  I also like small animals, and can play tennis and ping pong.